Who are the top 10 most successful tech entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups?

It is important to note that success is subjective and varies across different metrics such as wealth, influence, and impact. Additionally, the term “underrepresented groups” can encompass a wide range of communities. However, here is a list of 10 highly successful tech entrepreneurs from various underrepresented groups:

1. Elon Musk: Born in South Africa, Elon Musk is a tech entrepreneur of African descent. He is known for founding Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and various other ventures.

2. Sundar Pichai: Sundar Pichai is an Indian-American tech executive. He is the CEO of Google LLC and Alphabet Inc., overseeing the company’s operations and product development.

3. Sheryl Sandberg: Sheryl Sandberg is an American tech executive and author of “Lean In.” She served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook and is renowned for her leadership and advocacy for women in technology.

4. Arlan Hamilton: Arlan Hamilton is an African-American venture capitalist and the founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital. She focuses on underrepresented founders and has invested in various startups across the United States.

5. Reshma Saujani: Reshma Saujani is an Indian-American tech entrepreneur, lawyer, and author. She is the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization that promotes opportunities for women in technology.

6. Stewart Butterfield: Stewart Butterfield is a Canadian tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Slack Technologies. He has been recognized for his contributions in the field of collaborative software tools.

7. Padmasree Warrior: Padmasree Warrior is an Indian-American businesswoman and tech executive. She has held leadership roles at companies like Motorola and Cisco Systems, contributing significantly to the technology industry.

8. Jensen Huang: Jensen Huang is a Taiwanese-American tech entrepreneur and co-founder of NVIDIA Corporation. Under his leadership, NVIDIA became a prominent company in graphics processing units (GPUs) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

9. Caterina Fake: Caterina Fake is an American entrepreneur and co-founder of Flickr, an image hosting and sharing platform. She has also played roles in companies like Hunch and Etsy.

10. Reggie Aggarwal: Reggie Aggarwal is an Indian-American tech entrepreneur and CEO of Cvent, a leading event management software company. He has been recognized for transforming the event technology landscape.

These are just a few examples, and there are numerous other successful tech entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups who have made significant contributions to the industry.