Who are the top 10 influencers in the VR/AR industry?

The top 10 influencers in the VR/AR industry are subjective and can vary based on individual opinions. However, here are ten individuals who have made significant contributions and are widely recognized in the VR/AR industry:

1. Mark Zuckerberg: CEO of Facebook, which owns Oculus VR, a leading VR company.
2. Palmer Luckey: Founder of Oculus VR and pioneer in the virtual reality industry.
3. Tony Parisi: Global Head of VR/AR at Unity Technologies, an influential figure in the development of VR/AR.
4. Robert Scoble: A prominent tech evangelist and VR/AR enthusiast known for his coverage of the industry.
5. Jeremy Bailenson: Founding Director of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University, focusing on VR and human behavior.
6. Kent Bye: Host of the “Voices of VR” podcast, covering interviews and insights from the VR/AR community.
7. Jessica Brillhart: Former Principal Filmmaker for VR at Google, known for her work on immersive storytelling in VR.
8. Nonny de la Peña: Known as the “Godmother of VR,” de la Peña is a pioneering VR filmmaker and founder of Emblematic Group.
9. Ryan Hoover: Founder of Product Hunt, a platform that features and promotes various VR/AR products and experiences.
10. Charlie Fink: Writer, AR/VR consultant, and Forbes columnist covering the latest trends and happenings in the VR/AR industry.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are numerous other notable individuals who have significantly influenced the VR/AR industry.