Who are the top 10 youngest tech entrepreneurs to watch?

Here are 10 young tech entrepreneurs who have gained significant attention in recent years:

1. Samay Kohli (Age 25) – Co-founder of GreyOrange, a robotics company specializing in warehouse automation.
2. Arfa Karim (1995-2012) – The youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of nine, and an inspiration for aspiring young tech entrepreneurs.
3. Brian Wong (Age 29) – Co-founder of Kiip, a mobile advertising platform that leverages in-app rewards.
4. Laura Deming (Age 26) – A venture capitalist and founder of The Longevity Fund, focusing on extending healthy human lifespan.
5. Eden Full Goh (Age 27) – Founder of SunSaluter, a solar panel efficiency technology, and recipient of numerous accolades, including being named in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list.
6. David Karp (Age 34) – Founder of Tumblr, a popular microblogging platform, which he started at the age of 20.
7. Palmer Luckey (Age 31) – Founder of Oculus VR, known for developing virtual reality headsets and subsequently acquired by Facebook.
8. Priyanka Jain (Age 26) – Co-founder of CodePath, an organization that provides free, accelerated engineering courses for college students.
9. Bhavesh Kothari (Age 23) – Co-founder and CEO of Fashalot, an AI-powered fashion-tech platform based in India.
10. Patrick Collison (Age 32) – Co-founder and CEO of Stripe, a company that facilitates online payment processing for businesses.

Note: The ages mentioned are as of the time of writing and may have changed. The list is not exhaustive, and there are many other young and talented tech entrepreneurs worth watching.