Which are the top 10 smart cities around the world?

The top 10 smart cities around the world are:

1. Singapore: Known as the world’s leading smart city, Singapore has established itself as a pioneer in utilizing technology to improve urban living.

2. Seoul, South Korea: The capital of South Korea has transformed into a connected city with a strong digital infrastructure and a citizen-centric approach.

3. Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo incorporates advanced technology in various aspects, such as transportation, energy, and healthcare, to enhance the quality of life.

4. Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki is recognized for its sustainable and innovative initiatives, including open data, smart mobility solutions, and smart buildings.

5. London, United Kingdom: London has adopted smart solutions in transportation, public safety, and energy management, leading to improved efficiency and better user experience.

6. Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona is known for its use of technology in areas like IoT, renewable energy, and smart transportation, making it a prominent smart city in Europe.

7. New York City, United States: NYC utilizes data-driven technology to enhance urban services, public safety, and transportation, benefiting millions of residents and visitors.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen is renowned for its sustainable practices, digital infrastructure, and smart mobility solutions, making it a model for other cities worldwide.

9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai has embraced smart initiatives to enhance its infrastructure, promote sustainability, and deliver efficient government services.

10. Vienna, Austria: Vienna has implemented various smart initiatives focusing on energy efficiency, waste management, and digital governance to create a smart and sustainable city.

Please note that rankings and opinions on the top smart cities may vary based on different sources and criteria.